Twitter quietly launches the Edit Tweet Feature, available for Paid subscribers

Twitter has officially launched the Edit Tweet on Wednesday. This new feature allows you to modify tweets within 30 minutes after posting. Currently, this feature is only available to users on a monthly subscription. This is pretty handy when you discovered that you sent out the wrong tweets. This new feature is expected to reduce the spread of misinformation that emanated from wrong posts. In some cases, the user will have to delete the tweet and repost it again. This is quite a process. With this feature, the process is much easier.

Twitter confirms edit button feature is in works

According to users, the feature has been active for about 24 hours. As of now, there are no issues but the real test of the product may come after a wider rollout.

For “edited” tweets, Twitter will add a tag that others on Twitter can click to view previous versions of the tweet. Of course, this will mean that some users will still have to delete and repost. This is because editing a tweet in some cases means that the poster does not want people to see the original tweet. Thus, if users can see the original tweet after tweeting, then the best option remains to delete and repost.

Twitter Permits Users To Edit Tweet After 30 Minutes Edit

For years, Twitter users have been asking Twitter to add a feature that would allow editing of posted tweets (Twitter messages) to fix mistakes, such as spelling mistakes. But Twitter seems to be shrugging it off, and despite rolling out a slew of new products, such as a newsletter, it hasn’t satisfied users’ desire to modify their tweets.

Almost every other social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest, among others, have the edit tweet feature. When asked if the “edit” button would eventually be available to all Twitter users, a Twitter spokeswoman said Twitter was testing the feature to anticipate some of the problems that might arise with making it available to all users.

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