For a website having an audience is the way to keep it running. Like humans need oxygen, an audience supports the health of a website. If there is no audience, there will be no interest in continuing the same. But this is not the only concern. There is also a worry that people who have websites are trying to reach their audience through advertising methods, but many scammers and bots are trying to ruin the website’s budget. The website owner can choose the PPC method, with the audience also understanding tools like click fraud prevention.

Tips for tightening website security

The website owners have raised concerns after the innovation in the coding of programmers. They can create various types of bots, which will ruin the PPC (Pay per click) plan of the company. In pay per click advertisement, the company will run the ad and then pay for those who click on the ad link. So to take care of these PPC fraudsters; many PPC spam prevention services are being used to tighten the website’s security. Also, some website owners can choose to appoint manually preventing techniques to avoid these bots, saving their budget.

Manual tips

Find your target audience

Many website owners target a broad audience, which widely opens the gate for fraudsters. Instead, choosing to target the countries targeting the states will give better results. It is essential to target a particular audience, which, in return, will help a website to get more leads. Once the website reaches its mark, then you can choose to expand the target audience.

Daily traffic monitoring

Do monitor the traffic of the website daily. This will help in understanding whether the clicks done for the particular ad link are legit. An excess amount of clicks resulting in no engagement or a high bounce rate is a sign of some unfair practices. The bots or fraudsters clicking the ad link are increasing the budget consumption.

Ban unusual IPs

Try to identify from the stars which IP address is constantly visiting the website and is not engaging with the website. Some IP addresses can turn out to be legit ones, but some are spam, redirecting traffic for click purposes. You can choose to ban country-based IP addresses because this can help in preventing unusual traffic on the site.

No need to run the Ad 24/7

If you want to run the Ad 24/7, it can be a big issue for your website because when the owner is not active, or the management team is not dynamic, it will be hard to identify fraudster activities. So at this time, it becomes essential to run the ad for a specific period only.

Monitor your competitors

After monitoring the competitors, you can choose to run the ad accordingly. Try to avoid their ad or description method because this can considerably harm the natural audience, which is a trick to minimise your website traffic.


There is constant change in the algorithm of search engines, so at this time, it becomes essential for website owners to deal with all the required changes and fraudsters. Hiring a good team to implement measures like click fraud prevention for this purpose can save more time and money than spending on PPC ads. There are fewer chances of facing scams if the unit follows innovative techniques while creating new ads for the website. Proper research and analysis are crucial to reaching the maximum audience, so ensure all the data is stored for the website, not just the leads.


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