Traveling the world with your MTN line allows you to keep in touch with family, business, and friends even when you are thousands of miles away from home. Thus, in order to make its customer’s travelling experience a pleasant one, MTN Nigeria decided to introduce an offering called MTN TravelPass plan.

MTN TravelPass 1

The MTN TravelPass plan is a subscription-based roaming plan which offers unlimited calls, SMS, and 1GB of data to be used across 40+ countries and destinations. With unlimited calling and texting, you can use your MTN line while travelling, as you would at home in Nigeria.

So, whether customers are travelling to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, or any of the other 41 eligible destinations, MTN will help customers with the best plan to keep them connected to friends, loved ones and business partners.

NB: Fair Use Limit applies to outgoing calls and SMS elements of the TravelPass plans

There are Three (3) TravelPass plans available to MTN customers.

Offers Benefits
7 days TravelPass @N5,000 Unlimited outgoing calls and SMS
14 days TravelPass @N10,000 Unlimited outgoing calls, SMS and 1GB data ONLY
7 days TravelPass (Data) @N5,000 1GB data ONLY

Activation of any of the TravelPass plans is via the following channels:

7 days TravelPass @N5,000 530 to 131 *131*501#
14 days TravelPass @N10,000 531 to 131 *131*502#
7 days TravelPass (Data) @N5,000 532 to 131 *131*503#


All new and existing Prepaid and Postpaid customers on the MTN network can subscribe to any of the Travel Pass plans. Customers can subscribe to any Travel Pass plans in Nigeria before traveling OR while roaming abroad.


  1. MTN Travel Pass plans can be purchased for your family and friends irrespective of your location and the beneficiary.
  2. Subscribers can purchase the same Travel Pass plan multiple times, BUT each of the Travel Pass plans activated will expire separately.
  3. Subscribers can purchase a combination of different Travel Pass plans, BUT each plan activated will expire separately depending on the validity.
  4. On exhaustion or expiry of bundle minutes or data, you will be charged from main account or credit limit as applicable.
  5. You will get a notification when bundle has been used up to 50% and 80% of the subscription and exhaust the plan. Subscribers will also get End of Call Notification which shows the volume of minutes, SMS and Data.
  6. Customer can rollover unused bundle after expiry IF he buys another bundle within the rollover period; (3days for the 7days bundle and 5days for the 14days bundle. Otherwise, customer will lose the unused bundle.
  7. Customer can check Travel Pass bundle balance via the use of USSD *556#.

 MTN TravelPass is available in 44 countries. Eligible destinations:

The United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Benin, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Uganda, Rwanda, DR of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Iran, Czech Republic, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Sudan, South Sudan, Swaziland, Chad, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia.


  1. It’s a rip off, don’t bother subscribing to any of these plans. I subscribed to the N5000 7 days unlimited oitgoing calls and text messages, first, the messages wouldn’t go through. Worst was scenario, I made calls of 90 minutes altogether for 3 days and was told I ran out of my travel pass. My advice, if you have any other means of making calls whilst abroad better implore it. MTN TRAVEL PASS IS A RIP OFF

    • same question I was going to ask. How many minutes of calls can you make. Lying to people that it’s unlimited is uncalled for


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