After the official announcement of the iPhone 14 series in Apple’s Far Out event, some Android users become more eager to know they can transfer their current smartphone’s data to the iPhone 14 device as many wants to get their hands on the most recent Apple devices.

Transfer your data from your old Android phone to iPhone 14

The process is easy for iPhone-to-iPhone users since all you have to do to start the data transfer is put your old and new iPhones next to each other. However, moving data from an Android device to an iPhone may be a lot more complex procedure.

In this article, we are going to show you how to move your data from an Android smartphone to the new iPhone 14 using one of the most popular methods around now which is “MOVE TO IOS”

Transfer Your Android Data To iPhone 14 With “MOVE TO IOS” App

Users can move data from their old Android smartphone to an iPhone using the Android software “Move to iOS,” which was created by Apple.

NB:Download “Move to iOS” From Google Play Store here

Its purpose was to encourage Android users to migrate to iOS. Using the Move to iOS software, follow these steps below to move data from your Android smartphone to your new iPhone:

1. Put your brand-new iPhone 14 next to your Android smartphone. and turn it on. When the Quick Start page appears, begin the iPhone setup procedure.

Transfer Your Android Data To iPhone 14 1

2. Select “Move Data from Android” by clicking the “Set Up Manually” option at the bottom of the screen. Please be aware that you will need to factory reset your iOS device and restart it if you have previously finished the setup.

Transfer Your Android Data To iPhone 14 2

3. On your Android device, download and launch the “Move to iOS” app. Read the terms and conditions before tapping “Agree,” then press “Continue.”

Transfer Your Android Data To iPhone 14 3

4. When the “Move from Android” screen appears on your iPhone 14, choose “Continue” and wait for the One-Time code to display.

5. After entering the code on your Android smartphone and joining the temporary Wi-Fi network made by the iPhone 14, the screen for “Transfer Data” should now be visible.

Transfer Your Android Data To iPhone 14 4

6. Select the files you wish to move on your iPhone 14 and then click “Continue.” Then wait for the loading bar on your iOS device to finish.

To complete the setup procedure when the loading is complete, hit “Done” on your Android device and “Continue” on your iPhone 14 respectively. And that’s how you can use the Move to iOS app to transfer data from your old Android phone to the new iPhone 14. There’s a catch, though.

Last Words on “Move to iOS” App

While “Move to iOS” is very simple to use, it cannot transfer data like the music stored in your phone’s memory, ringtones, call logs, and more.


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