Chrome Browser For Android Not Displays The Number Of Tabs Correctly

Google launched the tab group for the Android version of the Chrome browser last year. But then again, this feature did not work perfectly as it comes with some errors. The latest version of Chrome now solves some of the issues.

Googoe chrome for Android

The latest Chrome 106 now shows the correct display of the number of tabs. In the previous Chrome browser for Android, a tab group was only regarded as a tab. As you can see from the image below, tabs were placed in a tab group and were counted as only one tab.

Chrome browser for Android not correctly displays the number of tabs

In the latest Chrome 106, the numbers in the upper right corner can now display all tabs correctly. Chrome 106 version was released on September 28, bringing a number of detailed improvements. In the desktop version of Chrome 106, users can enter @ in the address bar, then select one of the bookmarks, history, and tabs, and enter a space to quickly search.


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