WhatsApp has been reportedly working on several new privacy-focused features, according to the application’s most recent beta releases. Login approval and phone number sharing in WhatsApp groups are among the new privacy features spotted by the popular tipster WABetaInfo.

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Login Approval

It is clear from WhatsApp beta version that the company is developing a new login approval system to help users protect their accounts. With this, you will now need to approve a login request made by a third party in order to access your WhatsApp account.

As a result, users will finally be able to refuse login requests if someone is attempting to access their account due to an incorrect 6-digit code sharing.

WhatsApp is working on Login Approval features

Phone Number sharing

The phone number sharing option is another intriguing privacy feature uncovered by WhatsApp beta v2.22.17.23. This function allows you to hide your phone numbers from specific WhatsApp groups if you prefer.

This option is deactivated by default, which means that when you join a group, your phone number is automatically hidden from all members, but you can share it with a specific group if you like.

WhatsApp is working on Phone number sharing feature

Both features are currently under development, and it is uncertain when they will be generally available. We’ll have to wait till these functionalities are widely available before we can use them.

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