A report has emerged citing data from a report by MTS, Chinese brands led the Russian smartphone market in July 2022. Xiaomi held a whopping 42% market share.

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Realme and Tecno were among the top five, in addition to Samsung and Apple.

Though Xiaomi had a huge market share, it was Realme that registered the highest growth. The Chinese brand outperformed Samsung and Apple in terms of sales to grab hold of the second position. Its market share increased from 13.4% in June to 17% in July.

Even Tecno overtook Apple by a 0.5% market share. It came fourth with a 7.5% share, followed by Apple with a 7% share. Whereas, Samsung was in third place with an 8.5% share.

Back in June, Apple and Samsung had a market share of 9.7% and 10.9% in Russia, respectively.

Talking about revenue, Xiaomi was first even in this regard with a 35% share. While Apple came second with a 25% share. They were followed by Realme (12.5%), Samsung (11%), and Tecno (4%).

A total of 2.3 million smartphones worth 36.7 billion rubles were sold in July. The average selling price (ASP) decreased by 6% to 16.1 thousand rubles.

The decline of Samsung and Apple in Russia is due to a lack of official supplies and scarce parallel imports. For the unaware, both these giants pulled out of the country earlier this year over the war with Ukraine. Their supplies are currently 80-90% less than before the war.

Apple’s decline is also attributed to the collapse of its ecosystem in the region with the unavailability of Apple Pay. Anyway, the Cupertino giant is performing better than Samsung because of its users’ emotional attachment to the brand and the ecosystem.

By the end of 2022, the combined sales of Apple and Samsung could drop by 10% in Russia if parallel imports do not gain momentum.