iOS 16: iPhone’s status bar finally gets battery percentage

With the release of iOS 16 beta 5, Apple has finally introduced the battery percentage to the battery icon in the iPhone status bar and the iPad. The battery percentage indicator was part of the collateral damage when the notch design was introduced 5 years ago during the presentation of the iPhone X.

iOS 16
The battery percentage is therefore making a comeback on the fifth beta version of iOS 16 that Apple has just rolled out. This means that you will no longer need to scroll down the Control Center to see the battery percentage. Because it will be displayed directly in the status bar from the home screen.

Although the battery indicator returned in iOS 16 beta 5, it still needs to be on for anyone using the beta through the Settings menu. The option to turn on the battery percentage is available in the “battery” tab of the Settings menu. Above the option for low power mode.

ios 16 finally brings battery percentage

The resulting icon is slightly larger than what you’re probably used to seeing. Also, if you plug your iPhone into a charger, the icon turns green. And displays a lightning bolt symbol next to the battery percentage. It also turns yellow when your iPhone is in low power mode.

iPhone Models That Does Not Support Battery Percentage

So far, not all iPhones with a notch seem to have taken advantage of this new feature. The iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 mini don’t appear to be compatible. But we don’t know yet whether or not that will change when the final version of iOS 16 rolls out next month. Anyway, we imagine that the battery percentage indicator will be present on all iPhone 14. Which would launch on next September 6 during a virtual Keynote.

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