How To Create Short Videos On YouTube

One of the reason for the TikTok success is the preference for something that stands between videos and photos. We are talking about short videos. Of course, many will argue that TikTok and similar services are useless, that most of the content is garbage, and so on. We won’t even speak out against you. But the thing is that there are millions of users that are obsessed with such videos. That’s why other social platforms that want to get their piece of cake in this niche are trying to offer more competitive features. For instance, there is a special tool to create YouTube short videos.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has already introduced short-form videos, namely Shorts. However, recently, YouTube officially announced that it would become much easier to make Shorts. The Google-owned platform will allow creators to take existing content in their library, edit it, and upload their new creations to YouTube.

How To Create Short Videos On YouTube

1: Go to the YouTube Studio app.

2: Select any long-form video in the library.

3: Tell it to be less than 60 seconds.

4: Create Shorts.

Convert YouTube Videos Into Shorts with Edit into a Short tool 2

In the mobile version, users will get access to all tools that the web-based version offers. Among them, you can find the timeline editor, filters, music, and more.

Of course, the Shorts camera still works when making new short videos. However, it’s recommended to use already-existing videos on YouTube because they will be linked with the original videos. Both systems Android and iOS already support it.

It’s still unclear whether users and content creators will like this feature of creating short videos. But one thing is clear – YouTube, which is basically for lengthy videos, wants to put pressure on TikTok and the likes. As this feature is new, we have to wait for a few weeks before we can assess whether it works or not.


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