Google Play Store to ban copycat apps and some in-app ads

It is possible that you have downloaded an app which looks like the original you actually want to get from the Play Store and later discovered that it’s not what you think it is. Google is planning to ban such apps that has similar names, logos or even the icons. It could be seriously frustrating to think you’ve downloaded the actual thing, only to notice that it’s a copycat.

Google Play Store

Google said; “We don’t allow apps that mislead users by impersonating someone else (for example, another developer, company, entity) or another app.”

They also posted some examples of these kinds of copycat apps and logos that won’t be allowed in the Play Store in a few weeks.

Banning of full-screen interstitial ads

Another big change, which will go into effect on September 30, will ban full-screen interstitial ads that appear “unexpectedly, typically when the user has chosen to do something else.”

The new policy tells developers that apps can’t pop up a full-screen ad that won’t let you close it after 15 seconds. There are some exceptions — if you voluntarily choose to watch an ad to get some sort of reward points, or if they pop up during a break in the action, those rules won’t necessarily apply.

There are several other Play Store policy changes that are going into effect over the coming weeks and months. Many of them are developer-oriented, but some may affect consumer apps for example, developers will be required to link to an “easy-to-use, online method” for canceling subscriptions in their app if their app sells subscriptions.


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