Following many controversies and several dramas caused by dangerous challenges; TikTok is planning to strengthen the protection of minors on its platform. The social network gave details on Content Levels, a system that prevents the young users from accessing adult content.


TikTok has been working hard to restore its image for the past few months. The fault of several dangerous challenges which for some have resulted in tragedies. The last are two girls aged 8 and 9; who lost their lives trying to reproduce a challenge on July 6, 2022.

Shortly after this tragedy, a reputable insider posted information about a new system in testings at TikTok. This was a function to limit minors’ access to adult content.

However, on this Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the application has finally given details on this system in an official blog post. Called Content Levels, the goal with this feature is to offer different levels of content; adapted according to the age of the audience.

TikTok set to ban certain content for young users under 18

“As we continue to build and improve these systems, we’re excited about the opportunity to contribute to long-running industry-wide challenges in terms of building for a variety of audiences and with recommender systems. We also acknowledge that what we’re striving to achieve is complex and we may make some mistakes”; announces the social network.

In the coming weeks, the application will therefore introduce a first version of Content Levels in order to prevent content with openly mature themes from reaching those under 18 years old. In fact, when a video is dedicated to a mature theme or dedicated to an adult audience, a “maturity” level will be assigned to the video (we can compare this to the PEGI system used on video games for example).



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