According to an exclusive report from Sam Mobile, Samsung is working to “significantly [improve] the UI navigation speeds. It’s also going to optimize the animations so they’re smoother and faster.”

Samsung One UI 5.0

The latest Samsung devices are on One UI version 4.5 based on Android 12, but the Korean smartphone brand is expected to refresh One UI with Android 13 once it becomes available later in the fall. The switch to Android 12 was met with some fumbles by OEMs, as last year’s Android version was the first drastically different Android update in years.

As the use of 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate displays has saturated the smartphone industry, the focus on polishing the user experience starts with how animations look and feel, thus translating to a more visually pleasing smoothness factor. Dropped frames and fluttering frame rates cause friction for the user’s overall experience.

Samsung will announce everything it is bringing to One UI at SDC (Samsung Developers’ Conference) later this year – expected to take place sometime in October. Once announced, we can expect a new beta program for users to test and provide feedback for the next version of One UI.



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