WhatsApp: You will soon be able to “Silently Exit Groups”

After increasing the number of members in the groups to 512, WhatsApp is now working on another useful feature for groups – the ability to silently exit groups.


This feature is not new as it is already existing on platforms like Telegram, however, this is a great development from WhatsApp being arguably the most popular messaging platform. As shared by the notable leakster on upcoming WhatsApp features, wabetainfo, below is a screenshot of how the feature looks like:

WhatsApp is working on silently exit groups

From the screenshot above, when a user wants to exit a WhatsApp group, other members will be unaware except the Group admins. Currently, WhatsApp normally bring up a system message in the chat to inform all participants that you exited the group.

The Group admins is expected to always be notified about what happens in their groups, so it is important to show them who exited a group.

According to wabetainfo, though screenshot was taken from WhatsApp Desktop beta, the feature is also expected to make its way to WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS very soon.

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