WhatsApp is rolling out Request Account Info on Desktop

Last week, WhatsApp announced that it is working on a feature that will let users to share rich link previews as text status updates in a future release of the WhatsApp beta on Android, iOS, and desktop. Now, the Meta-owned company has started rolling out an update to WhatsApp Desktop beta that lets you ask for your account information.


The latter feature was introduced several years ago as a part of the recent GDPR regulations, and so it encompasses a comprehensive report of certain information, including your activity information, privacy settings, device details, or contacts. If you want to learn more and want to “Request Account Info on Desktop”, you can request a report right now after updating your WhatsApp desktop to the latest beta update. Once you request the report, it will be ready in 3 days, but you have got to wait for a few more weeks before being able to download it.

WhatsApp rolls out Request Account Info on Desktop

Please keep in mind that this feature is only available in the most recent beta version. In addition, this feature may only be available to certain beta users, so you’ll have to hang tight for yet another update or afterward.

Earlier, there were reports that WhatsApp was working on a feature that let you silently exit groups. In addition, the firm is said to be working on quick reactions to status updates as well as showing status updates in the chat menu, a companion mode to link a second mobile device, and search filtering options for its platform.


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