Telegram is working on a paid subscription service

Recently, Telegram introduced a new download manager. The new manager helps users easily keep track of files currently downloading. Like its competitors, the Instant chat messaging platform is also developing new features to make things easier for users.

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According to reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi, the company seems to want to launch a subscription service in the future. This is not the first time that this report is hitting the web. Back in November last year, there were reports that Telegram is working on a subscription service.

Reverse engineers recently discovered a subscription service called “Telegram Premium”. This service may come with many new premium features, including unlocking premium stickers, extra reactions, and more. However, Paluzzi did not disclose pricing for the subscription service. He also did not provide us with any details on when “Telegram Premium” would be available to everyone.

Telegram is still developing the paid subscription service

In addition to Telegram, WhatsApp is also offering a subscription service to its business customers. One of the benefits is that users can link up to 10 devices to the same account. However, Telegram’s new paid subscription service is centered on satisfying consumers’ interests. As it currently stands, you can log in to Telegram from any number of devices at the same time.

Recently, Telegram has added some exciting features, including the ability to react to messages, protected messages in groups and channels, and a new navigation menu.


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