Squad Mobility unveils the Squad two-seater EV with a solar roof, 100km range

EV startup Squad Mobility has unveiled its upcoming two-seater electric vehicle with a solar roof. The Squad solar-powered compact EV features a pretty simple design and is projected as an affordable EV.

Squad Mobility unveils the Squad two seater EV with a solar roof

As for design, the Squad two-seater EV has large windows, removable doors, stylish wheels, and a roof-mounted solar panel. The Squad’s solar panel is capable of delivering up to 20km of mileage per day. The car also has a swappable battery setup to enhance its range to around 100km. The Squad’s battery can be charged using regular household outlets, which adds to its versatility.

Squad two seater EV with a solar roof

The Squad’s interior features a very simple and inexpensive design. It however has a digital instrument cluster and some other basic systems like climate control. Two rear-mounted electric motors will provide up to 5HP in output and a top speed of 45km/h. The company says it is also developing a four-seat solar-powered EV but no timelines were given for its release.

Squad two seater EV

Squad two-seater EV Pricing and Availability

Squad Mobility says it is already accepting pre-orders for the Squad. The €6,250 ($6,591) price tag will be slightly higher after statutory taxes are factored in. There are no indications at this time whether Squad Mobility also has global plans for the Squad.

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