Disney Plus to display 4 minutes ads per hour

Currently, the content streaming services have found themselves struggling to maintain their subscribers base. Some of them have even cancel several big projects; in select countries, they have increased prices for their plans; some are going to launch ad-supported plans. When listing all this, Netflix comes to our mind first. However, Netflix is not the only one in this as other big firms in the field are suffering from the same problems.

Disney plus

Recently, Disney Plus announced about a new ad-supported plan, which is scheduled to go live later this year. Today, report emerged that it will run ads for four minutes on movies or shows that last an hour or less.

The information comes our way from Variety and The Wall Street Journal. According to the sources, this will allow Disney Plus to display fewer ads per hour than some of its competitors. For instance, NBC’s Peacock runs no more than five minutes of ads for every hour of content; HBO Max display four minutes of ads per hour. In this sense, what Disney Plus is going to offer even beats the Disney-owned Hulu. The latter runs 9-12 ads in one hour.

Disney Plus is a family-friendly streaming service. So when displaying ads, it should run more strict rules. In this regard, Variety reported that besides cutting out ads that may advertise alcohol or politics, Disney Plus won’t accept any ads referring to its rivals.

Interestingly, Disney Plus is going not to display any ads when streaming to a kid profile. Moreover, the company will remove ads on shows geared toward a preschool audience.


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