Apple has started rolling out iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 updates to compatible iPhones and iPads today. It brings some interesting new features such as the possibility of injecting money into your Wallet from your Apple Cash card; and the automatic deletion of podcasts after a certain limit. The update is already available for download.

iOS 15

As tradition dictates, Apple continues to roll out small updates between major iOS releases. The latest is iOS 15.4, which brought several features; such as the ability to use Face ID with a mask or better battery life on older iPhones. While iOS 16 is starting to get seriously talked about, the Cupertino company is deploying version 15.5 of its operating system today, about two months after the arrival of its predecessor.

iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 new features

As its name suggests, this is a minor update that does not aim to revolutionize the interface of the OS. On the other hand, some interesting novelties are to be highlighted. Thus, Apple indicates that the Maps application has a new option that allows the user to send a request and receive money from their Apple Cash card. This way, transferring from one account to another is much easier.

Another feature to arrive in the operating system, the Apple Podcasts application now deletes all episodes downloaded to its device past a certain point. Thus, each new episode downloaded will trigger the deletion of the oldest stored on the iPhone or iPad of its user. In fact, the latter will cease to occupy storage space unnecessarily.

Finally, the bug that prevents the triggering of automations has been resolved. In addition, Apple claims to have corrected more than 25 security vulnerabilities with this new update, although the manufacturer specifies that no hacker has exploited them to its knowledge.


If you are yet to receive a notification on your device yet, you can install this new version by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Editor Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has published new information about the iOS 16 operating system; which is due to get its announcement at the Apple WWDC developer conference. The event will begin on June 6 this year.

A Bloomberg writer was asked which of Apple’s operating systems he thought would get the most attention at WWDC; and he replied: “As usual, it will probably be iOS. In this case, iOS 16.” Gurman added that he does not expect a complete redesign of the operating system; but expects to see what he calls “new ways of interacting.” The update, he said, will include “fresh Apple apps”. Last month, Gurman said he was looking forward to iOS 16’s new updated notification system and new health tracking capabilities.



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