WhatsApp recently released the ability to set up cover photos to enhance business profiles. And now, the Meta-owned company is now working on a new optional subscription plan to offer additional features to business accounts.


The developer behind the popular messaging platform is working on a redesigned interface for the “Linked Device” section, exclusively for WhatsApp Business accounts. WhatsApp uses a completely different description for multi-device in this revamped interface, claiming that you can add multiple devices to the account so different people in the business can all talk to a customer in the same chat.

WhatsApp Subscription Plan Lets You Link Up More Devices

The subscription plan is reserved for WhatsApp business accounts and offers additional features to businesses. For example, you know you can normally link up to 4 devices when using multi-device, but if you subscribe to their new plan, you will be able to link up to 10 devices.

WhatsApp is working on a subscription plan for businesses

This is very good news for business accounts and it’s only one of the first features offered by the future subscription plan to business accounts. More additional services will be announced in the future.

Note that, even if WhatsApp is working on a subscription plan, it does not mean that you need to pay to use WhatsApp when the subscription plan is released. Nothing changes for users and the app will always be free to use. The subscription plan is totally optional and it offers additional services to business accounts, like Twitter Blue for Twitter. If a business needs those additional services, they can consider to subscribe.

However, there are no other details than this. There’s no information regarding its type of subscription – either yearly or monthly, as well as the amount to be charged. But then again, we know it won’t be available to standard WhatsApp accounts.

The subscription plan is not available right now on the business app, and it will be available in a future update of WhatsApp Business beta for Android and iOS with additional services.


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