WhatsApp Beta now allows you to quickly start chats with unsaved contacts

One of the limitation of WhatsApp is that the difficulty to start a conversation with an unsaved contact. Of course, there are ways to get around this, but they aren’t straightforward. Currently, opening the default dialer app by pressing on an unsaved contact in a WhatsApp discussion doesn’t allow you to text the contact from within the app.


Well, it seems this is has been addressed in an upcoming version of the app. According to WABetaInfo, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android (v2.22.8.11) has a new pop-up option when a user taps on an unsaved contact in a message.

Following the release of the ability to share media files up to 2GB with some beta testers, as well as new improved features for voice notes, WhatsApp is set to release additional options for unsaved phone numbers.

WhatsApp Beta Now allows you to quickly start chats with unsaved contacts

This really is useful because if you need to talk to someone on WhatsApp but don’t want to save their contact information, this could be a fast and simple way to do so. Given that WhatsApp is a popular business tool app around the globe, this add-on should help to speed things up.

Having said that, keep in mind that this is still in the beta phase, so it won’t be available to the public who aren’t participating as beta testers. There’s also a chance that WhatsApp won’t include this feature in the next update. There is currently no information on when the update will be released.


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