Twitter may soon have an edit button soon, as Elon Musk samples opinion

The new marriage between Twitter and billionaire Elon Musk has seen Musk appointed to Twitter’s board of directors. Musk has been known to have voiced his frustration on the absence of an edit feature in the service, together with other complaints. His new position could now see him pursue that objective of having the edit feature for tweets.

Elon Musk and Twitter

Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal has described Elon Musk as both a passionate believer and an intense critic of the platform. Musk has promised to work with CEO Agrawal and Twitter’s top management eggheads on significant improvements in the coming months. There are no specifics on the level of changes that could come on Twitter but the edit button seems to be hovering around the radar.

It is noted that the edit button has been part of some social networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and a host of others. It enables the user to quickly edit a post within a few seconds of its publication to correct mistakes or align the thoughts correctly. It has been hugely beneficial to users of these platforms and could be useful also for Twitter.

Musk has just made a huge investment on Twitter that warranted his appointment to the board. He later tweeted a poll asking his followers whether they want an edit button for their tweets or not. The majority of the above two million votes are in favor of an edit button (about 74%). Unlike Tesla and SpaceX, Musk only has a 9% stake in Twitter. He would therefore need the buy-in of his board members to achieve the goal.

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