In 2021, Samsung decided to start excluding charger in the box of its high-end smartphones, and started that with the Galaxy S21. Apple was even the first to stop providing a charger with its smartphones, starting with the iPhone 12 in 2020 Then followed by the South Korean giant.

Samsung Galaxy A23 in colors

Samsung-branded premium phones went on sale without the traditional power supply offered. To obtain a new charger, it is imperative to go to the checkout. Like Apple, Samsung believes most buyers already have a charger in a drawer at home. Most manufacturers have imitated Apple and Samsung, including Xiaomi and Google.

On the other hand, Samsung continued to provide a free charger in the box of its more affordable smartphones, namely the Galaxy A and Galaxy M. According to a new leak, the situation is about to change. According to information obtained by Yogesh Brar, a reputable Indian leaker, there will be “no chargers in the box for the upcoming M&A series models”.

Buyers of a new Galaxy A or new Galaxy M will also need to invest in a charger sold separately unless they already have the accessory. This decision obviously aims to reduce the production costs of the smartphones, which are among the best sellers on the market. The Galaxy A references, mid-range at bargain prices, regularly appear at the top of the best-selling phones.

To justify its decision, Samsung will probably put forward ecological advantages. The disappearance of the included charger indeed reduces the multiplication of electronic waste and the size of the box. The reduction of the box makes it possible to transport more products at less cost while minimizing the ecological impact.

The first models affected by this new policy will be the Galaxy A73, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A23. These smartphones will launch sometime in March 2022.



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