The latest victim of Kremlin censorship is Google News. The Russian government had already decided to ban Facebook and Instagram because of their “extremist activities” after the networks allowed their users to post messages inciting violence against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the troops that Moscow sent to Ukraine, it’s Google News’ turn to be blocked in the country.

russia vs ukraine

Indeed, the country’s telecommunications regulator, Roskomnadzor, has blocked Google News after accusing the American giant’s news service of providing access to “false” information about Russia war in Ukraine.

According to the organization, the online information service “ gave access to numerous publications and documents containing false information (…) on the conduct of the special military operation on Ukrainian territory”. Roskomnadzor also recalled that Russian law provides for criminal liability for knowingly disseminating false information about the country’s armed forces.

Google News

While social networks like TikTok have themselves decided to leave Russia since users risk jail if they spread information about the medium, other giants like Netflix have also decided to block their streaming service in Russia in reaction to the war in Ukraine.


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