Since its entry into mobile gaming in November 2021, Netflix has rolled out a slew of titles. For its video game expansion, Netflix has announced three more mobile games that can be played on both iOS and Android devices.

Netflix Gaming 1

The three titles, This Is A True Story, Shatter Remastered, and Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, were announced in a new blog post by the firm.

1: This Is A True Story – It was created in collaboration with Frosty Pop as an educational game. The game raises awareness of the 771 million people on the planet who lack access to safe drinking water.

This Is A True Story game

This Is A True Story is based on a woman in Sub-Saharan Africa who has to fight every day to get water for her family.

2: Shatter Remastered – It is a remastered iteration of Shatter, a retro-themed brick-breaking game that was first released on the PlayStation 3 in 2009.

Shatter Remastered game

In the game, Mason is voiced by Matt Whelan, a New Zealand actor who went on to star in the second season of Narcos.

3: Into The Dead 2 – Unleashed is a zombie survival hybrid first-person shooter (FPS)/runner game. The game, which is the company’s debut FPS, has a similar tone to it, with players fending against armies of zombies in order to survive. You’ll come across a variety of locations, including oil fields, military bases, flaming forests, and freezing mountain tops, in addition to ever-increasing numbers of zombies.

Into The Dead 2 game


This Is A True Story (Android | iOS) and Shatter Remastered (Android | iOS) are available today for anyone interested, whereas Into the Dead 2: Unleashed will be “coming up soon.” These games will also be available through the Netflix mobile app.


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