The likes of Apple’s iPhones have reportedly been overtaken by a Samsung budget smartphone to become the most shipped smartphone in 2021. The smartphone we are talking about is surprisingly the Samsung Galaxy A12. The device that was released in late 2020 has topped the most shipped phone list by a figure of whopping 50 million+ units.

Samsung Galaxy A12 1 1

According to Omdia’s report for 2021, the Samsung Galaxy A12 is the most shipped phone. Samsung has reportedly shipped 51.8 million units of the device and has taken over the second most shipped device, the Apple iPhone 12. Interestingly, the iPhone 12’s selling price is five times higher than the Galaxy A12. The average selling price of the Galaxy A12 is $160 over iPhone 12’s $851.

Most shipped smartphone in 2021

Speaking of the iPhone 12, the phone’s 41.7 million units were sold in 2021. Next up is its successor, the iPhone 13 with 34.9 million units sold. The iPhone 11 comes fourth with 33.6 million units sold.

After three flagships, the phone that grabbed the fifth spot was the entry-level, Redmi 9A. It is the cheapest most shipped phone on this list with an average selling price of $78. The iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 13 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro come after that. Lastly, the 10th phone in Omdia’s list is the Samsung Galaxy A02, again an entry-level device.

Notably, the most expensive phone shipped as per the list is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. As said earlier, the Redmi 9A is the cheapest.

Samsung’s top spot in this list shows that the budget A-series phones are quite popular. From 2019, the company focused on the A-series over the J-series and the A-series’ market share seems to have grown steadily ever since. That said, we expect to see more A-series phones to get in such reports as Samsung continues to focus on its mid and budget-range segment globally.


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