FaceBook, Instagram, & metaverse to run 3D ads soon

Meta Platforms Inc has just agreed a partnership deal with an ecommerce technology firm for three dimensional ads. These ads will be run on its popular social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, and more.

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Now, the social media platforms will include integration with VNTANA that will allow various brands to upload the 3D models of their products to Facebook and Instagram and will convert to ads as well. Notably, this news arrives as the tech giant is moving towards its future with metaverse, as per VNTANA Chief Executive Ashley Crowder. In other words, we’re basically seeing integration of this level that will likely be a staple in the metaverse.

For those unaware, the metaverse is being imagined as the over collective of a number of virtual worlds that can simply be accessed through a device and a headset.


Currently, Meta has placed its focus on the building of the metaverse, which will likely take at least a decade to be realized. The company had previously partnered with augmented reality (AR) based firms like Modiface and PerfectCorp to aid beauty and cosmetic brands to run their 3D and AR advertising.

Crowder further added that; “The metaverse is basically the spatial internet. It is a whole world of possibility that starts with having the right 3D models of your products.”

So now, users of Facebook and Instagram should be expecting to see 3D ads while browsing on their PCs or smartphones soon. One would likely be able to interact with the image as well and view it from various angles as well.


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