The electric vehicle market has only the automatic transmission available as idea of a manual transmission on an EV seems a far thought presently. However, a recent patent filing by Japanese carmaker Toyota reveals that the company may be working on the idea of a manual transmission for EVs.

Toyota Electic Car

According to a recent report by Teslarati, Toyota has filed patent applications for a manual transmission to be used with electric vehicles. It is understood that the proposed Toyota system uses a pseudo-clutch pedal and pseudo-gear shift that will enable electric vehicles to transit to manual transmission whenever the driver desires.

Toyota patents manual transmission design for electric vehicles 1

There are lots of current EV users who may still be connected to their manual transmission internal combustion cars. For one thing, the engaging nature of manual transmission has made some drivers become die-hard fans of the manual transmission. However, it will take some dose of innovation to accomplish the Toyota model in an EV.

The patent application shows a motor controller that models the output based on a traditional internal combustion vehicle. The mechanism of the operation of this component is at the heart of the development of what could be termed pseudo-manual transmission in electric vehicles.

Toyota patents manual transmission design for electric vehicles

Although the optics of the manual transmission mechanism are not very detailed at this time, it is bound to draw some manual transmission enthusiasts to such EVs when they become a reality. We just have to keep our fingers crossed to see whether Toyota will be putting their money into research and development of the manual transmission model for EVs.



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