Telegram gets video stickers, improved chat navigation and more

Telegram has released a new update for Android and iOS devices, that adds a a couple of new features. They include new video stickers, improved message reactions, improved navigation between chats, and a button to review unseen reactions.

telegram gets Video Stickers Better Reactions and More

Video stickers

Telegram has made it easier to make your own custom stickers now. Users can now create create detailed animated stickers from regular videos using any video editing program.

Telegram video stickers

As always the stickers can be published using the Stickers bot.

Emoji reactions

Telegram emoji reactions

Emoji reactions to messages was added in the previous update, allowing users to react to individual messages in a chat with an emoji. The feature has now been improved with more compact animations and a new ♡ button for unseen reactions. Users can press and hold on a reaction in the menu for a larger effect. There are also 5 more reactions

Navigating recent chats

There is a new shortcut to navigate between unread channels – press and hold the ‘Back’ button. It will bring a tiny menu comprising of recently accessed chats.

Telegram navigating recent chats

Other changes include improved call quality, an option to send silent messages from the sharing menu, support for translation to Instant View pages and of course, various bug fixes.


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