The new trend across the world now is making things environmentally friendly. Companies began to bake with a special zeal for the environment. The packaging is exclusively made from recycled materials, the chargers are now eco-friendly, and Apple has set a goal to make the iPhone recyclable.

Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones cases

At the beginning of last year, Samsung also announced that all instructions and packaging will be made from raw materials that do not harm the environment. It also intends to recycle materials for reuse. For example, the Galaxy S22 series uses material created from discarded fishing tackle.

Samsung said it has developed a new material that combines sustainability and innovation to reuse ocean plastic in various Galaxy devices. It is based on discarded marine fishing nets and is designed to minimize the impact on the environment.

Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones are made with recycled ocean plastic

The company noted that it will use marine plastic across its entire product line, both now and in the future, with new Galaxy devices being the first to be unveiled at the Unpacked event on February 9.

Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones are made with recycled ocean plastic 1

Check out the box design for the Galaxy S22 Ultra along the way. It looks quite pathetic with the use of various shades of gray. The main emphasis is on the Latin letter S. Recall that the announcement of the Galaxy S22 series will take place on February 9; and sales will begin on March 12. Although in the case of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the start of sales may fall on February 25th.



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