In response to the measure taken by Meta with respect to situation in Ukraine, Russia has decided to limit access to Facebook. According to a press release from Roskomnadzor, the state media control body, strongly and sharply condemned the work of the social network, defining it as damaging “human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens”.


The cause on this front is the limitation made by Facebook on February 24 against the official accounts of four Russian media: the television channel Zvezda, the news agency RIA Novosti and the websites and Russia announces that it has asked Meta for an explanation of the intervention; also asking for the removal of the restrictions imposed, but without obtaining an answer. Recall that as of October 2020, 23 cases of Russian media censorship by Facebook are recorded.

In the reconstruction provided by the Kremlin, this is a type of provision that violates federal law No. 272-FZ in relation to Russian Internet resources and media: also in this case, therefore, Russia claims to be responding to enemy fire .

For these reasons the Attorney General, in agreement with the Foreign Ministry, has decided to adopt measures to ” partially limit access in the form of slowing down traffic “. At the moment we do not yet know exactly how hard this limitation is, and what effects it is having in practice.


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