Material You dynamic theming to more Android 12 phones: Google

The Android 12 brought some intriguing features and one of them is called Material You. With the help of the ‘monet’ theme engine, the new feature extracts colors from the current wallpaper and splashes it across the system UI and supported apps, giving users greater control than ever over what their phone’s software looks like.

Android 12

Before now, the feature has mostly been available on Google Pixel devices. However, now, Google has officially announced that the feature will be available to devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Xiaomi, Tecno, “and more”.

Google confirms dynamic color themes coming to more Android 12 phones

Yesterday (February 10, 2022), Google’s Android product manager Rohan Shah took to the Android Developers Blog to make the announcement stating “As more Android 12 devices land in the next couple months, our OEM partners are working with us to ensure that key design APIs, especially around dynamic color, work consistently across the Android ecosystem so developers can have peace of mind and users can benefit from a cohesive experience.”

Although the post didn’t mention any specific date or timeline on which Android 12 smartphone users can expect the feature to drop, however, considering how rocky the release of Android 12 has been so far, it does bring a sense of relief that Google is working closely with other OEMs to integrate the feature on their custom Android skins.

Earlier this week, a report surfaced stating that dynamic color themes will become a requirement for phones getting Android 12. “Referencing internal Google documentation, our source says that starting on March 14, Google will require that any new Android 12-based software builds submitted for Google Mobile Services (GMS) approval implement a dynamic theming engine that meets certain requirements.”

So it appears like the dynamic theming feature is here to stay and will soon be available on all Android devices running the latest Android 12 OS or higher in the future.

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