Android 13 will allow you to run Windows 11 on your phone

Last week, Google rolled out the first preview of Android 13 and currently only developers can try out all the features of the new version of the OS. At first glance, the new version of the green robot does not seem like a major update, offering minor changes. However, the developers still managed to find something interesting.

Google codenamed Android 13 after an Italian coffee flavored dessert

Android website and app developer Danny Lin with the nickname kdrag0n on Twitter showed off a Google Pixel 6 that ran Windows 11. According to the developer, Windows 11 is “usable,” but graphics chip hardware acceleration has no support. In confirmation that the alternative system works, he posted a screenshot showing the consumption of system resources, including the load on the CPU. If necessary, you can connect a keyboard to your smartphone and play the legendary Doom shooter.

Android 13 will allow you to run Windows 11 on your phone

Windows 11 wasn’t the only operating system the developer used on the Pixel 6, he also managed to run various Linux distributions on the Pixel 6, including Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

How this will eventually be available in the stable version of Android 13, we will find out in September.

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