Windows 11 is being adopted twice faster than Windows 10: Report

On October 5, 2021, the Windows 11 was released to the masses. Though, early adopters of the new operating system battled with multiple bugs and difficulties, new data has surfaced revealing that more and more people are upgrading to Windows 11.

Windows 11 1

According to XDA Developersthe January usage report published by AdDuplex shows that Windows 11 has almost doubled its userbase since November 2021. For those unaware, AdDuplex is a company that provides an advertising framework for apps on the Microsoft store.

The report shows that the user base of Windows 11 is 16.1% of total users, which was only 8.6% back in the month of November. These numbers appear to be in line with Microsoft’s recently stated that users are adopting Windows 11 much quicker than expected, which is twice as fast as they adopted Windows 10. The company even claimed that customer satisfaction with Windows 11 has been the highest among all Windows versions released as of yet.

Though it is worth keeping in mind that this data is from a sample size of 60,000 systems which is rather small when you consider that billions of systems use some form of Windows OS. The data also leaves out systems not using Windows 10 or 11 since only the recent version can have the AdDuplex SDK. Meaning the data does not include Windows 7 and 8 users.

With that said, the growing userbase is still impressive considering that a lot of systems are incompatible with Windows 11 and can not be upgraded via normal methods. And the popularity of Windows 11 is still expected to grow as the company matures the Android apps and games support on the operating system.

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