Samsung appears to be working on how to speed up the firmware update process for Galaxy devices in Europe. The Korean giant made a change to the way firmware updates are distributed in Europe, starting with the Galaxy A52, when the smartphone was not tied to a specific country code (CSC) when it comes to software.

Samsung Galaxy A52 in colors

There is reason to believe that Samsung will follow this strategy in relation to other models and thereby speed up the update process, users will be able to have easier access to beta firmware versions. Until recently, all Galaxy smartphones were tied to the country code (CSC) where they were sold.

The Galaxy A52 was the first device to receive an “EUX” identifier, or a single CSC for various countries, as an indication that this is a European version of a smartphone without being tied to a specific country. The company has taken the same approach to the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3.

The new strategy will allow the company to release updates simultaneously for all devices in Europe and not for only a specific region. In theory, this will simplify the task for developers who will not have to create several versions of the update for each of the countries, which means that they will be able to quickly release updates for European versions of smartphones.

Sources say that Samsung has already abandoned the development of firmware with different CSCs for European countries. In particular, the Galaxy A53, Galaxy A33, Galaxy A13 and Galaxy S22 series models will receive a single EUX identifier.


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