Microsoft Teams finally gets the Walkie Talkie functionality across all platforms

Microsoft has finally released the Walkie Talkie feature to all users of the Teams app across different platforms. The Walkie Talkie on Microsoft Teams will enable users to communicate via cellular data or Wi-Fi using their smartphones or tablets as a Walkie Talkie.

microsoft teams walkie talkie feature

This is coming after two years of Microsoft announcing the Walkie Talkie functionality integration on its platform. In the past two years, the feature has undergone several layers of preview, which is culminating in its eventual release on January 12, 2022.

The walkie-talkie is reminiscent of the earliest iteration of the feature which came on board decades ago. The walkie-talkie feature is still rare in communications apps, with WhatsApp, Slack, and other apps having some semblance of the feature.

Apple launched its walkie-talkie feature in the Apple Watch in 2018 and it uses push-to-talk over a Face Time Audio call. The Microsoft Teams’ walkie-talkie feature is targeting frontline workers and employees who run day-to-day operations and face customers during interactions.

Microsoft is collaborating with Zebra Technologies to even add a dedicated push-to-talk button on Zebra mobile devices that will help the target segment of frontline workers and employees to deploy the walkie-talkie in their operations in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft collaborates with Zebra Technologies to add a dedicated push to talk button on Zebra devices

The Microsoft Teams walkie-talkie feature is available both on Android and iOS devices, with the launch of the iOS version to coincide with the global release of the feature.

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