Last year, OnePlus, one of the OPPO‘s sub-brands, announced the integration of the OxygenOS team with the ColorOS and stated that the OxygenOS would share an integrated codebase with ColorOS.

OnePlus Announces Merger with Oppo

The company also revealed that these operating systems’ individual names would be dropped, and the unified OS would soon get a new name. Now, tipster Mukul Sharma has revealed that the OS might be renamed to H₂OOS.

According to Mukul, OnePlus has recently filed a trademark for the “H₂OOS,” which can potentially be the new name for the unified OS that OnePlus is rolling out to its devices with the Android 12 update. This naming scheme combines the chemical symbol for Oxygen (OxygenOS) with Hydrogen (Hydrogen OS) to give the chemical symbol of Water, i.e., H₂O.

For those unaware, HydrogenOS was the operating system on OnePlus devices in the Chinese market, which was later dropped in favor of ColorOS.

H₂OOS will replace OxygenOS and ColorOS soon reports

It was also reported that the change will be coming to both OnePlus and OPPO devices. So we can expect the ColorOS naming scheme to be dropped from OPPO smartphones in the future. The OnePlus CEO has previously stated that the unified OS will be separately customized for OnePlus devices to keep them clean and lightweight and also maintain support for unlocking bootloaders.

Other than the name change, the H₂OOS is expected to remain the same ColorOS based operating system and is expected to roll out for all users around the globe. No timeline of this potential name change has been provided as of yet. However, if the report pans out to be accurate, we can expect the H₂OOS to debut in the upcoming months.


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