Google released Android 12L Beta 2 for compatible Pixel phones

Last month, Google rolled out Android 12L Beta 1 (S2B1.211112.006) to Pixel phones. Now it has released Beta 2 (S2B2.211203.006) that brings January 2021 security patches, final APIs (API level 32) and system behaviors, as well as bug fixes.

Android 12L unveiled

Google said, “This is the time to begin final testing and development work needed to ensure that a compatible version of your app will be ready for users getting this update.”

“With the final APIs, it’s also time to shift focus to final compatibility testing and release your updated apps to users and downstream developers. You can also build with the final APIs and refine any new code that is using the new APIs or features,” it Google.

Android 12L Update Changelog

  • Tackles a bug that causes the misalignment of the clock on the screen. This bug makes the clock not to be in the center of the screen (lock screen).
  • Fixes an issue that causes the apps in the recent apps list to display as black images. The black images will have the message “App Unavailable”. This update takes care of this issue
  • When using gestures to switch between apps, sometimes it shows the image of the previous app state on part of the current app. This issue is no longer available on the latest update.
  • When viewing some icons on the lock screen, they appear too small when viewed on a large screen. This latest update of the Android 12L takes care of this issue.
  • After unlocking the device, sometimes, the lock screen does not turn off. This was an issue with the first beta. The second beta (current beta) completely takes care of this issue.
  • Bitmap images sometimes disappear or otherwise render incorrectly in widgets in the first beta. The second and latest beta also takes care of this issue.

The Android 12L 2 beta is now available for Pixel 3a, 3a XL, Pixel 4, 4 XL, Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, Pixel 5 and 5a, and will be available for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro soon. You can enroll here to get the OTA update to your device. You can also download it manually from Android developer’s website here. The Beta 3 is expected in February, and the stable release is expected in March.

As earlier mentioned, the Android 12L Beta 2 has been pushed to a number of Pixel devices, the following are the update packages:

Equipment name OTA package complete package
Google Pixel 3a Link Link
Google Pixel 3a XL Link Link
Google Pixel 4 Link Link
Google Pixel 4 XL Link Link
Google Pixel 4a Link Link
Google Pixel 4a 5G Link Link
Google Pixel 5 Link Link
Google Pixel 5a Link Link


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