DxOMarks: vivo X70 Pro beats iPhone 13 in camera test

The global variant of the vivo X70 Pro was launched back in September. The smartphone has recently undergone the DxOMark camera test where it managed to hits 131 points, topping the chart in the premium smartphone category.

vivo X70 Pro cameras

In the DxOMark camera test, the vivo X70 Pro (MediaTek variant) recorded a notable score of 131 points. Its camera scored 139 points, while its zoom and video scores reached 77 and 111 points, respectively. Through these scores, the X70 Pro secured the top position in DxOMark’s premium smartphone camera list, dethroning the iPhone 13. The X70 Pro currently sits at the 12th spot on the DXOmark’s global rankings for smartphone cameras.

As for the tests, the device showed great performance when it came to exposure of the shots in low light and offers a wide dynamic range. The camera produces nice colors and captures well-detailed images in low light. The X70 Pro also offers accurate autofocus, a wide depth of field, accurate white balance on ultra-wide camera, and good details at medium-range telephoto shots.

While shooting videos, the X70 Pro provides good exposure, accurate white balance, and satisfactory details in bright light. The camera also offers effective stabilization of video.

vivo X70 Pro beats iPhone 13 in DxOMarks camera test

However, DxOMark found the white balance lacking in indoors and low light photos. The finer details in high contrast scenes suffer from clipping issues and the shots are observed to have slight noise in all conditions. Some major issues found in the tests were the shutter lag and sudden resolution drops in consecutive pictures in telephoto mode. While filming in low light, autofocus is unstable and videos lack detail.

Despite these flaws, the vivo X70 Pro has claimed the camera performance crown in the premium smartphone category and has set a record high camera score in this segment.

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