TikTok is the most-downloaded app in 2021; App Store revenue double Google Store

Sensor Tower has released its latest reports that reveals the latest 2021 revenue estimates. This indicate that the Apple Store and Google Play Store revenue will reach $133 billion in 2021, which is a 19% improvement from the $111 billion in 2021. The revenue relates to in-app purchases made via both iOS and Android devices for the year 2021.

TikTok is the most downloaded app in 2021 1

The Apple App Store revenue however is almost twice the revenue from Google Store which is indicative of greater pricing of app purchases and services on the Apple Store. The ratio of the number of devices using these storefronts is skewed highly towards the Google Play Store, with possibly millions of passive customers.

Sensor Tower expects the App Store revenue from consumer spending to peak at $85.1 billion, which is a 17.7% improvement from the previous year. On the other hand, Google Play Store revenue is expected to peak at about $47.9 billion in 2021 which is a 23.5% increase from 2020.

App revenue in 2021

Overall activities in both storefronts indicate that TikTok is the most productive app in terms of revenue for the year 2021 at about $2 billion. The TikTok return indicates a 67% spike in performance from 2020. YouTube follows TikTok in overall revenue across both the App Store and Google Play Store, while Piccoma, Tinder, and Disney are also among the top earners.

Top downloaded games in 2021

The number of apps installed will see a continuation of the 3 to 1 ratio between Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Up to 111.3 billion apps downloads were in Google Play Store while the App Store has about 32.3 billion for the year.

Top grossing games in 2021

The revenue and download numbers indicate an overall growth across the two app stores, with mobile game spending on a rapid increase.


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