Earlier this week, Samsung announced it is planning to merge the Mobile Communication division with the consumer electronics division with vice-chairman and co-CEO Han Jong-hee in charge.

Samsung Office In India

Now, Samsung announced that it is renaming this newly merged division. As of now, Samsung’s phone-making business will be called Samsung MX, for Mobile Experience.

The South Korean tech giant further announced that this transition, made on December 10, is effective immediately, and the new name will be used from now on in all official communication from the company. The press release revealed that the renaming to Samsung MX was necessary to emphasize the new direction that the company will be taking with its mobile business, namely a larger focus on the user experience, the services, and building a wholesome ecosystem that goes beyond its otherwise excellent phone hardware.

“We’re excited to announce the renaming of our business after decades of innovation and leadership in the mobile industry. We believe this name change will help us usher in a new era in mobile innovations where we can create even more exciting possibilities for Galaxy users.” said TM Roh, the new President and head of the MX business.

Samsung MX is the new name of the company mobile division

Other than this reveal, Samsung also announced that it will participate in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 expo in Las Vegas, with a keynote scheduled for January 4, at 18:30 Pacific time. According to previous rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be released at CES 2022.

Last month, Samsung also teased its rollable, foldable, and slidable displays, which we expect to get more information at the upcoming CES, so stay tuned as we will be covering the event.

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