Pac-Man game on Facebook gets multiplayer feature: Here’s how to play

The Pac-Man community game developed by Genvid and, in collaboration, with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has been launched on Facebook Gaming.

Pac Man game

Unlike the traditional Pac-Man, Facebook allows users to play solo or multiplayer (up to four players) to complete the mazes. On top, users can also create their own mazes and challenges through the Maze Creator tool.

According to Facebook via its blog; “With Play Watch Connect, we’re delivering more immersive and engaging social experiences that build a community around games on Facebook”.

Both streamers and creators will be able to live to stream their Pac-Man matches. Through the Play with Streamer feature, Facebook Gaming creators can invite their communities directly from their live stream to join them in-game to play or watch.

Pac Man Community game

“Player-created mazes will be featured inside the game daily, and soon we’ll launch community-oriented challenges and mazes curated and cultivated by streamers’ communities,” says Facebook.

In PAC-MAN COMMUNITY, people viewing a 24/7 live stream in Watch mode can also power up either the AI PAC-MAN or Ghosts and compete.

When a streamer isn’t live, the Watch tab will feature AI characters, just like an arcade machine that isn’t being played.

“We believe games bring people together in powerful ways, whether that’s playing games together, watching gaming videos, or connecting around games in Facebook Groups,” says Facebook

You can check out the Pac-Man community here.

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