The latest and the hottest foldable smartphone of the moment is no other than the newly launched Oppo Find N. It comes with compact design, flagship specs and gap-less folding screen.

OPPO Find N 5G in colors

The device only comes in three official colorways – black, white and purple but the brand also considered a bunch more options as evident by newly leaked images of the unreleased Find N models.

There’s a more eye-catching purple variant with refracting properties, a muted pink variant and a light blue model as well as catchy teal and beige options too.

Oppo Find N unreleased samples
Oppo Find N unreleased samples (image: Weibo)

That’s not all, Oppo also made vegan leather variants in grey, beige and dark blue with the latter two sporting two-tone looks. Some of these unreleased models also have differently textured camera housings only add to their cool factor. Oppo’s vegan leather Find X2 was one of our favorite devices of 2020 in terms of build with its faux leather material adding durability and a soft reassuring feeling when handling the device. We can only imagine how the vegan leather Find N would handle but alas it seems these projects were scrapped.


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