Google Drive to start blocking files that violate company’s policy

Google has announced new terms of use for its proprietary cloud storage Google Drive, according to which the search giant will soon begin to restrict access to files that, in its opinion, violate company policy. According to the blog, Google will soon take active steps to identify such files.

Google Drive

Files that violate the search giant’s policies will be flagged for their owner and automatically restricted. This means that the user can no longer transfer it to other users. Access to them will be closed to everyone except the owner. Google says this change will help ensure that file owners know about the status of their files and also protect users from offensive content.

According to Google, the reason for changing the policy is to protect against abuse of its services. The search giant classified files as inappropriate content from cybercriminals; such as malware, hate speech, sexually explicit documents, and files that could be dangerous to children.

Google says that once it receives the notification of a potential policy violation, the company’s experts will review the content and take action such as restricting access, deleting a file, or completely stopping a user from accessing the search giant’s products.

Experts express fears that the innovation could harm users by making their files inaccessible for no good reason; since Google has not clearly described the criteria for identifying inappropriate content. Fortunately, the search giant has provided a review system for those Google Drive users who feel that their files have been unfairly restricted.

“This will help ensure owners of Google Drive items are fully aware of the status of their content; while also helping to ensure users have protection from abusive content,” the company explained.

“We need to curb abuses that threaten our ability to provide these services, and we ask that everyone abide by [our policies] to help us achieve this goal,” states Google in its policy document.

“After we are notified of a potential policy violation; we may review the content and take action, including restricting access to the content; removing the content, and limiting or terminating a user’s access to Google products.”

“Google Drive is constantly working to protect the security and safety of our users and society while always respecting privacy. Similar to how Gmail has long kept users safe from phishing and malware attacks; bringing these same protections to Google Drive is critical in ensuring Drive remains as safe as possible for all users.”

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