BlackBerry to officially end support for all classic smartphones On Jan 4

BlackBerry, one of the most popular phone brands in its era has just made a new announcement. The company is finally ending its official support for all of its classic smartphone models.

BlackBerry Bold 5

The Canadian phone brand made the announcement earlier this week (Via 9To5Mac). So now, all of the company’s classic smartphones that run BlackBerry OS or BB10 OS will no longer be supported.

In addition, the brand has even warned its customers that they will no longer receive any patches to ensure that the carrier or WiFi connection remains functional. In other words, BlackBerry smartphone users might lose calling, cellular data, SMS, and emergency service call functionality.

BlackBerry Smartphones

Although, the same does not apply to the company’s smartphone models that run the Android operating system right now, with official support for these models ending on January 4, 2022. For those unaware, the company was one of the largest brands in the market before the entry of iPhones and before Android smartphones took over the world.

Initially, veteran brands like Nokia and BlackBerry didn’t believe that a full touchscreen phone would ever have a great impact on the market. But as we can see now, devices with physical keyboards have more or less been phased out completely. So with the end of the official support for BB smartphones, we can say that this marks an end of an era. Notably, we advise that users of BB devices back up all of their data as well, and also possibly prepare to shift to another brand soon.

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