The Android 12 started rolling out in October with brand new features like the Material You UI and privacy indicators. Most of the new features and changes have been received positively by the userbase, but some have been criticized.

Android 12 has a brand new look
Android 12

One such change is the introduction of a pretty aggressive background process killer feature called ‘Phantom Processes.’ The feature can be a real hindrance for developers and power users, but it looks like Google is proposing a solution that will let users disable this background app policy in future Android versions.

A report by XDA-Developers features a tweet by Mishaal Rahman, stating, “An update on the phantom process issue: Google has just submitted a patch that adds a toggle in Developer Options to disable the monitoring of phantom processes!”

He further adds, “We probably won’t see this until Android 13, though.”

Google has submitted a patch to AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that adds a toggle in Developer Options to turn off the Phantom Process monitoring.

The patch note submitted to AOSP Reads

  • Add settings to toggle the phantom process monitoring in dev options
  • For power users, the monitoring on phantom processes could be turned off from the Settings->Developer Options->Feature flags.

For those unaware, the ‘PhantomProcesskiller’ is a new feature in Android 12 that kills forked child processes started by apps if they’re using excessive CPU while their parent app processes are also in the background. Moreover, the change only allows up to 32 child processes, thus greatly limiting the number of operations an app can complete in the background. But it looks like Google will add a new option to turn off the Phantom Process Killer in a future Android version which is likely to be Android 13 but could even debut in the Upcoming Android 12L.

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