WhatsApp Web gets a feature to create custom stickers

Developers behind popular messaging platform WhatsApp has developed a web version of the stickers builder for users to make custom stickers.


Before now, users usually seek solace in third-party applications to create stickers, now WhatsApp makes it easier for you and provides services for you to be creative directly in the application.

How To Create WhatsApp Custom Sticker

To access the custom sticker creation feature, users can start by clicking the “Attach” icon, then selecting “Stickers”, then selecting an image to upload.

In addition to the WhatsApp web version, this feature will also be present in the Desktop application next week.


Once uploaded, the image can be edited to turn it into the perfect sticker. Broadly speaking, this feature allows you to remove the background from the sticker you are going to create.

You can also crop an image or perform cropping in the form of a box or a ratio of 1:1. Emojis, texts and additional WhatsApp stickers can also be placed on top of your sticker creations.

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