Recently, WhatsApp has been working hard to bring improved features and better security measures to its instant messaging platform user base. The latest of which comes in the form of message-level reporting, ‘flash calls and Play Back Speed.


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Message level reporting

You can now report accounts to WhatsApp by flagging a specific message with the message-level reporting feature. You can do this by long-pressing a particular message to either report or block a user. This feature saves you a few clicks when it comes to blocking a user. On the other hand, the message level report may come in handy when dealing with spam messages, targeted harassment, unsolicited messages, or messages of an illegal or criminal nature.

In its latest transparency report, WhatsApp says that it banned over 2.2 million accounts in September alone.

Flash calls

The new “Flash call” enables Android users who are installing or re-installing WhatsApp on their devices to verify their phone number with an automated call instead of an SMS. WhatsApp claims that this is a much safer option, given that it takes place all from within the app.


Play Back Speed

WhatsApp is now working on a version of play-back speed, making it compatible with audio messages. When you forward a voice note, it’s not possible to speed up the audio because the playback speed button is not available, but a new feature is coming that will enable the playback speed.

The feature has been spotted in a recent beta version of WhatsApp beta for iOS, but it’s currently under development, and it’s surely coming on the next versions of WhatsApp beta for Android as well.

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WhatsApp has recently also released features that help enhance the user experience like vanishing messages, View once messages, and a new feature under testing that will allow you to hide your last seen from specific people in your contact list.

Previously, we also reported on WhatsApp’s ‘multiple device’ feature that removes the requirement for your smartphone to be online to use the messaging platform on other devices. You can read more about this feature here.



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