Volvo is planning to make its car windshield an AR Display

Volvo wants to create a new and more interactive way to offer users information while driving their cars. The company is working on a new technology, which could turn the car’s windshield into an AR display.

Volvo is planning to make its car windshield an AR Display

The Swedish automobile giant has just announced a partnership with an Israel based start up, Spectralics. Together, the two companies will be working on a new technology that will offer people a heads up display (HUD) for a windshield. For those unaware, a HUD is a feature that is seen in military aircrafts like fighter jets in which crucial details like speed, altitude and other crucial information is displayed in front of the pilot. And now, it seems that Volvo is also working on a similar system as well.

Spectralics is developing what it calls a multi layered thin combiner (MLTC) film that can embed in the windshield of a car. This would enable the vehicle to turn the whole window or windshield into a large augmented reality based display. As stated above, this HUD display could help offer users a number of crucial information, like pointing out potential hazards or offering details regarding the vehicle’s immediate vicinity.

Volvo is planning to make its car windshield an AR Display 1

According to Volvo, the wide field of view offered by the HUD can display “can instill a sense of distance as virtual objects are superimposed onto the real world environment for a safe and immersive experience.”

While this technology does sound quite interesting, it is still in early stages of development. Although, since Huawei is already working on this technology and now an established car brand like Volvo is developing this technology as well, it won’t be a surprise if more automakers take note of this system.


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