The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced its plans to add a number of options that would allow disabling official advertisements in the messenger’s channels.


Towards the end of October this year, Telegram presented its own advertising platform. Advertising will appear only in large channels, the support of which associate with the highest costs for Telegram. At the same time, Telegram will not show advertising messages in the chat list, personal conversations or groups. Furthermore, the messenger will not use personal data to display advertisements.

At the same time, as noted by Pavel Durov, many users offer to implement the ability to completely disable advertising. Therefore, Telegram is introducing two innovations. One of them is that it will be possible to prohibit the display of ads for a small fee.

“We have already started work on this new feature and look forward to launching it this month. It can be available in the form of an inexpensive subscription, which will allow any user to directly financially support the development of Telegram and never see official advertisements in the channels”.

In addition, channel authors will be able to disable official advertisements for all users.


“Some channel creators would also like to ‘turn off’ advertisements in their channels for all users. At the moment, we are calculating the economic conditions for this option. Soon, advertisers will be able to place an “invisible” ad in any channel, which – there is a sufficient cost per impression – will lead to the absence of ads in this channel,” Pavel Durov stated.

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