Telegram has released a fresh update to its messaging apps that brings a couple of new features. These include a better experience when scrolling through shared media, join requests for Groups and Channels invite links, global chat themes on iOS and more.

Telegram logoWhen you have a lot of shared media in a chat on Telegram, scrolling through them can be a long process. To help make it easier, Telegram has introduced a new date bar on the side of the page and users can also use a pinch gesture to zoom out for smaller thumbnails. Along with this, there is also a calendar view to quickly see media from a particular date.

Telegram gets faster shared media scrolling

When creating additional invite links for a chat, admins can now enable a Request Admin Approval setting for more control over who is able to join and see the chat. These invite links can also be renamed to something unique for easier identification.

Telegram gets improved Invite links

There are a couple of iOS updates specifically too. Chat themes can now be applied globally to app, each with its own Day and Night mode, colorful animated background and gradient message bubbles. When locations are shared, Telegram will also show a small message box with transit times. If you have typed any message before sending media, it will automatically become the caption for that media.


Telegram gets instant media caption

Lastly, as is with every update, there are new interactive emoji that have full-screen effects when tapped on.

Download Telegram App

The Telegram v8.2.2 update is available for download on Android and iOS users.

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